Welcome to the 2017 28th Annual SEMI® Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference!

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As microelectronics content continually expands into more and more of our daily lives, regular discussions among industry professionals about continued advancements in commercial semiconductor manufacturing have become more and more essential.  These discussions are the essence of ASMC 2017 where industry experts and innovators gather to share insights around manufacturing excellence, productivity and the future trends of the semiconductor industry. 

Once again, the conference offers a host of stimulating presentations, from keynotes to technical sessions and tutorials, addressing a wide variety of cutting-edge topics in microelectronic device fabrication.  Beginning with a welcome reception, and extending over the next three days, the ASMC 2017 program is filled with opportunities for networking with industry peers, and for learning and sharing knowledge on new, and best-method, semiconductor manufacturing practices and concepts vital to continued progress in the field.

We hope you will enjoy our 28th annual conference in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Sincere thanks to our technical committee, session chairs, speakers, volunteers and sponsors for their support of this conference. Their contributions are invaluable and we are truly grateful for their efforts and support.  Special thanks to Dr. Delphine LeCunff/STMicroelectronics and Russell Dover/Lam Research for their leadership as this year’s conference co-chairs.  We also acknowledge the tireless work of ASMC technical committee members who represent the global microelectronics supply chain. 

A Note to Attendees:

You must check-in at the ASMC registration desk to pick up your registration packet, including name badge, conference information, and reception ticket(s).   ASMC 2018 presentations (for which we have permission) will be shared immediately following the conference.

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